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How many people run this blog?


How do i submit?

How many submissions do you get a day?

Over 200+ daily.

How long does it take for my submission to go up?

it can vary, it can either be from 1 - 3 days, it depends how many posts i have queued up.

Do you check all your submissions?

yes i do apart from the ones i don’t receive obviously and the ones i am not able to open. 

Why didnt my submission go through?

There are various reasons!

  • submission is too blurry.
  • submission is too small.
  • submission was not received.
  • submission was unable to be opened.
  • submission is too edited.
  • submission has too much of a thick border/frame - white borders are fine
  • middle finger is up in the picture (i just hate this, its like a pet peeve of mine lol)
  • submission is too dark.

im not too picky when it comes to accepting submissions but if you didnt go through, these could possibly be one of the reasons. If you have met all of the guidelines, its just probably because it would be better for you to just submit another picture.

How can i make sure i get posted?

If you have submitted before and you didnt get through, you could always

  • submit a different picture.
  • put a filter on it to enhance the image (instagram filters help a lot)
  • natural light.
  • good angle
  • good pose

Why do you hashtag #black on posts?

black beauties - if you click on that link, you will see that every post that is tagged with #black goes into that link. i do not have the time to be writing blackbeauties everytime i post a black girl so instead i just write black. This link was created because it was highly requested by my followers. If it is a submission, the submitter chooses the tags that are appropriate to them, i dont. When it is a reblog, i add the tags.